Instructions for the AJA R20E:

1) Remove the front cover. You should see the individual boards. Locate the dial selector and toggle switch.

2) In order to select a bank turn the dial to "0". This can be done with a small screwdriver.

3) There are two banks 0 and 1. Usually bank "0" is used (for Y R-Y B-Y or RGBS etc.). Toggle up or down with the switch so that the bank light is off, 0 is now being selected.

4) Turn the dial to "4" for output selection.

5) Toggle up or down to desired output. You must have a monitor hooked up to see what you are doing.

6) Turn the dial to "E" for the save/restore function.

7) Toggle up to save or down to restore the last saved setting.

8) Finally, replace the cover.