How to Archive Executive office Archive after Y2K

In order to Archive files created before 12/31/2002. (for example)

1. Change computer clock to 1/1/02. This will work for every year from now on.

2. Duplicate the executive file you want to archive. (as long as you are sure it does not have bad files)

3. If you are not sure, archive every file to a test file. I all goes well delete both files and make a new duplicate

4. Create a new executive office file "My File" or other name

5. Open the Duplicate file created before, open the paid drawer, and click archive.

6.Type file before 12/31/02. It will move all files up to 12/30/02. 12/31/02 file will move next year

7. Make another executive office file, and give it today's date.

8. Change clock back to today.

9. Open the Duplicate file (the one we moved the paid documents from) and archive the rest of the documents to the new fresh file with today's date.

10.You are done. (If a file does not move, and the computer crashes the file is bad forever.