Faroudja LD-200

NTSC Line Doubler

List Price $9,950.00

Faroudja Laboratories presents the LD200 Line Doubler, specifically designed for high-end, home theater and boardroom applications. The LD200 incorporates patented technology used in the award winning Faroudja LD100 and VP400 Line Processors to deliver video images which have the clarity and presence of film.

The heart of the LD200 is a three-stage processor. The first stage, universally accepted as the best broadcast quality decoder in the world, uses proprietary adaptive technology to separate standard video into pure Red, Green, and Blue components for processing. In the second stage, a patented Film Logic circuit recognizes whether the source material was originally film or video and automatically selects the proper algorithm to prevent the creation of motion artifacts. This stage also contains the Line Doubling circuitry to eliminate scan lines. The third and final stage uses patented Bandwidth Expansion technology to improve picture detail and color quality to achieve the look of film.

The LD200 can be operated by infrared remote control or by front panel, soft touch buttons. On-screen graphics display the status of all controls. Custom presets provide push-button selection of optimum alignment for up to eight different video sources.

Award winning, internationally acclaimed broadcast technology and user-friendly controls, allow the LD200 to integrate easily into any home theater system to produce a remarkable and unique video viewing experience; video images having the power and presence of film!


NTSC 1.0 vpp looping BNC or RCA
Y/C 3.58 (S-VHS or Hi 8) 4-Pin Mini Din
VGA PassThrough D-15 Connector
RS-232 ASCI11

RGB 0.7 V p-p
Horizontal Sync 31.5Khz 4.0 V p-p
Vertical Sync 59.94Hz 4.0 V p-p
Composite Sync 4.0 V p-p
VGA "D" Connector 0.7 V p-p/ TTL Sync

Voltage 95-120 vac 47 to 6OHz
Power 100 Watts
Physical Size 17"W X 2.62"H X 16.5 "D
Weight 19 Pounds

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