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Digital Projection Power 4dv

Determined to revolutionize the large venue projection market, Digital Projection has engineered the most powerful implementation of Texas Instruments' 3-chip Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). When complimented by Digital Projection's proprietary illumination, optical and signal processing subsystems, the capabilities of the DMD are magnified. The result is a POWER Display.

Spectacular luminance uniformity and ANSI brightness, non-pixelated film-like resolution, a color gamut nearly equivalent to that of the human eye and uncompromised digital stability and simplicity, these are just a few of the tangible performance benefits delivered only by Digital Projection.

A flexible range of lens options and system accessories enable POWER Displays to solve nearly any application challenge. Perfectly suited for entertainment, business, education simulation. religion. command and control or staging and rental environments, no other light valve technology comes close to approaching the visual beauty and operational simplicity of a Digital Projection POWER Display.

Digital Projection's POWER 4dv delivers brightness in excess of 3500 ANSI lumens. Three configurable inputs accept all major source formats from composite video through XGA. Every source is expertly reformatted by Digital Projection's exclusive Resizing Engine and displayed at a native resolution of up to 848 x 600 pixels.

Factory preset convergence, exacting and stable color reproduction, digitally accurate image uniformity and user friendly on-screen menus ensure simple and confident setup for even your most challenging large-screen applications.

Technical Specifications

 Light Output 3500 ANSI Lumens
 Brightness Linearity (edge to center) >90%
Color Temperature 2000K - 9300K Adjustable
Contrast Ratio >120:1 ANSI checkerboard
>180:1 Full Field
Display Type 3 X DMD
DMD Resolution 848 x600 Pixel
16µm x 16µm
17µm x 17µm
5.48mm X 8.2mm DMD size
Input Specifications 3 Independently configurable inputs-selectable via remote control. BNC connectors.
525/60, 625/50, PAL, NTSC, SECAM, SVGA, VGA & MAC
Auto Select
RGBS RGB = 700 mV / 75 OHM
S = 0.7 V - 5 V
Sync on G, Separate H & V,
Composite Sync Auto Select
Component (Y , R - Y, B - Y) Y = 700 mV + 300 mV / 75 OHM
R - Y, B - Y = 700 mV p - p / 75 OHM
Y/C (S video) Y = 700 mV + 300 mV / 75 OHM
C = 300 mV p - p / 75 OHM
Composite Video 1 V p - p / 75 OHM
Computer H = 15 kHZ to 79 kHz
V = 24 Hz to 100 Hz
Remote Control IR Receivers front and rear.
Hard wire link to handset
9 Pin D type connector
Automation RS232 input / output
loop-through, 9 Pin D type connector
Switcher Separate Audio & Video Switcher outputs
-RS232, 9 Pin D type
Lamp Type Proprietary Xenon Arc
Lamp Life >750 Hours
Mounting Floor mount (standard)
Ceiling mount (optional)
Custom stand and cradle (optional)
Lens Options 1.02:1
1.27 : 1
3.0 : 1
5.0 : 1
7.0 : 1
1.5 - 3.0 : 1 Zoom
3.0 - 7.0 : 1 Zoom
Physical Dimensions 403mm (16") height
660mm ( 26") width
975mm (38.5") length
Weight (incl. std lens) 90 Kg (198 lbs)
Power Requirements 208 - 240 V ac 50 - 60 Hz
2700 watts

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