The Faroudja VP250 is designed specifically for home theater and boardroom applications using video sources that offer the superior component video format of high-end DVD players or professional tape machines. Utilizing a variety of patented technologies, the VP 250 improves picture quality with adaptive decoding for extremely accurate, noise-free color reproduction; prevents the introduction of line doubling artifacts with film/video motion logic; and significantly increases overall detail and depth with a special detail-enhancement circuit.

For complete flexibility the VP250 accepts NTSC or PAL sources in all types of signals: composite, S/VHS (Y/C), Component (YUV), and RGB. Additionally, a VGA input is available for connecting computers to the high-resolution monitor or projector that is required for viewing the output from the VP250. All types of sources benefit from Faroudja processing, including DVD, laserdisc, satelite, and VHS tapes

The VP250 may be operated by infrared remote control or by front panel, soft-touch buttons. Onscreen graphics display the staus of all controls, while custom presets provide push-button selection of optimum alignment for up to eight different video sources.

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